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Falling in love with Online Marketing space

In 2006 - 07, a time when Google was evolving as a brand name for search and investing a premium price to buy advertising channels & platforms like Youtube, Double Click - excited us to investigate about Google, unknowingly fell in love with SEO, which is the outcome of core values at Google search.

Treating Google as a library, started analyzing the ways it filters and retries data and serves results for audience from different locations, a research happening at the back of our mind. A step further, SEO helped to discover rich content, enhancing our skills in various channels of online marketing, branding and analytics, leveraging this experience, started SVAccelerator.

Ability to Evaluate and Decide
Leading by example & Team Work
Business Development Skills
Prioritizing Multiple Projects
Exchange of Ideas, Opinions & Information


Local SEO

Local PPC

Social Marketing

eStore Management

Our Process

Market Research
First, we listen to our clients to learn their wants and expectations are and pen down a descript...
Competitor Analysis
We keep track of your competitors to see how they are using digital marketing channels to reach c...
Marketing Strategy
Our digital marketing strategy will lay a path to achieve your business goals, fulfilling the nee...
Optimize Marketing Channels
Look at the organic and paid marketing channels across web and think about how valuable the chann...
Conversion Rate Optimization
To achieve better ROI the following areas are optimized: Keyword Ranking for Organic and Paid tr...
Measuring Effectiveness
Build metrics for measuring reach, measuring retention, and measuring conversion to do market res...

Optimize Your Online Presence

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