Connecting with customers on the social channel of their choice helps to increase customer retention and brand loyalty, and take your digital marketing efforts to a whole new level, at a minimal cost.

  • Continuously stay in touch with you customers and prospective customers.

  • If your customers interact with you, there is every possibility that their clients and vendors will also be aware, exploring the chances to reach wider audience.
  • Communicating, sharing info and responding to customers’ needs helps to reinforce their view about your organization as forward thinking and updating along with technology.

Social Ads (Cost per Click Marketing)

To turbo boost engagement and website traffic, we use social media campaigns, paying to display ads (text, image, video, carousel etc.) or sponsored messages to social network users based on user profile e.g. demographic. A cost is incurred depending on the type of ad planned; for example many ads incur a cost per click (cpc).

We tap opportunities with laser-targeted, optimized paid social advertising and promotion, such as Facebook advertising, Twitter advertising, LinkedIn advertising and others.